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Bogdan Sărătean aka Mistreţul Cu Colţii Degeaba / Wild Boar Good fo’ nothin’ Fangs
Claudiu Fălămaş aka Piticul Cioplitor / Carver Midget
Andrada Grosu aka Dada EmbaraSada / Dada EmbaraSada
Dan Ţilea (MC Matli) aka Matli Câinele Vostru / Your Dog Matli

Live music, voces and instruments, but you won’t be attending a concert. The performers are licensed buffoons but you won’t be laughing your head off. The characters are amazing but you can meet them in the street, at home or at the office. It’s with words but it’s no theatre. It’s with live music but it’s no concert. It’s with story and crimes, with shouts and love, with characters, but it isn’t a soap opera or Sandra Brown. It’s with wild boars and dogs and coffin carver midgets but it isn’t Lord of the Rings. Then, what in the world could this be ??? It’s just Good Spirits! It’s simply STICKIES, pseudo-theatre performance, with live music, composed by Claudiu Fălămaş and MC Matli, on lyrics by NeedCompany. LIPICIOŞII (STICKIES) is a band that appeared in 2012, during the reading performances section of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Claudiu Fălămaş composed the original music for „ Isabella’s Room” by Jan Lauwers, directed by Bogdan Sărătean. Later on, the songs of the reading performance turned into independent songs in the performance „Despre vise şi alte amăgiri”. Same songs, same characters, never the same story.

      © Lipicioşii