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Teatrul Naţional “Radu Stanca” Sibiu
by Emil Cătălin Neghină
Music and lyrics: Emil Cătălin Neghină
With: Emil Cătălin Neghină and Natalie Sigg

„Turnul Respiră” / „Der Turm Atmet” is a bilingual (Romanian - German) musical-poetic performance on the texts of the Sibiu poet-actor Emil Cătălin Neghină. In 50 minutes, the author, together with the wonderful actress Natalie Sigg, specially coming from Switzerland for this aesthetic collaboration of great joy, wonders about some of the basic human questions: loneliness, love, disappointment, death. The performance does not offer solutions for recovery from depression; the themes are approached in a tragicomic register so they are not changing for the worse. Some of Neghină’s songs were banned, others were awarded. None was ever broadcasted on the radio.  

Performance presented in Romanian and German.

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