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Theater Tol
Artistic Director: Lot Seuntjens
Music Composer: Wouter De Belder
Costume Designer: Lisette Henst
Choreographer: Aline Deleu
Set / Stage: Werner Musenbrock
Lights: Philippe Devaux
Sound: Martine Thone
Video: Lukas Verdijk
Cast: Thaïs Scholliers (singer), Elfje Duchateau (acrobat), Hanne Schillemans, Julia Mitomi, Macha Chernova, Sarah Vingerhoets (dancers), Alyson Pedrao, Stefaan Cleiren, Wouter De Belder, Yaso Romero Fernandez (actors / musicians)

Lightness and joy are the most important themes in this show. The show is about a wedding, a wedding in which the beloved couple eats each other, dances, flies. They are in love and surrounded by good company: musicians and creatures out of fairy-tales. The big present for the newly married couple are the angels: the protectors, the dreamers, the wise ones. Nowadays, in our culture, the brides carry a bouquet of flowers. Originally, it was just a bunch of strong spices, used to expel the evil ghosts out of marriage. In “Corazon de Angeles”, the bride does not receive a bouquet to expel the bad, but angels to keep the good. The audience will be the guest at the wedding. We want to touch the audience and make them happy. To give them an unforgettable night. When you go home after the wedding, we want you to feel that your life just received a new dimension! The angels did not only bring the good things for the beloved couple; also, the guests should participate in their positive energy.

      © Lukas Verdijk