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Comic Band La Racchia di Vejano
International Show Parade Srl

While in the 1930s the Swing music was raging in the United States, in Vejano (Italy) was raging hunger. But the people of Vejano, apart from their hard work and meager meal, they dreamed a better world without hunger and hardship, with the music accompanying it. A joyful music, typical of this kind of group. Their dream materialized in the 1950s, freed from the serious problem of daily life, they turn their agricultural and home tools in musical instruments and, as an ancient tribal rite, they went playing music in the streets. Thus was born the first organization of the group, which is now called "The New Racchia of Vejano". And, to be “Racchione”, which means member of the band, means to be bearer of joy, solidarity and love of life, against all life hardship.

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