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Caribbean Group ETHNICK '97
International Show Parade Srl

Caribbean Group ETHNICK ’97 was founded in 2001 by a group of friends, after a drama experience commemorating the abolition of slavery. At the beginning, it was just a small carnival band, which grew up bit by bit. The success came mostly due to the “ethnick” spirit, comradely and familiar, which animated the members of all ages. The group was able to innovate constantly, both in the musical repertoire than for the costumes, which regularly evoluate along the years. Unique in its genre, the Caribbean Group melts the traditional and contemporary rhythms, the latin and Caribbean music, introducing in their shows choreographic elements inspired by their ancient traditional dances. Almost all the members are playing drums, trumpets and typical wind instruments. The quality of their music, the dynamic of their movements, but also the enthusiasm and the warm interaction with the audience, ETHNICK ’97 is still surprising their public all over the world.

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