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Asociația Proiect 1200 and Universitatea ”Lucian Blaga” Sibiu
by Clément Michel
Coordonating teachers: Șerban Puiu, Ana Mujat și / and Codruța Vasiu
Project manager: Lavinia Alexe
Assistent manager: Cristina Reștea
Translation: Diana Nechit
Scenography: Claudiu Nicodim
Cast: Alexandru Dobrița, Cristian Ioan Timbuș, Maria Nicoleta Soilică, Andrei Tudor Răileanu, Ana Maria Vereș, Alexandra Ioana Șerban, Anton Cristian Balint

A successfull French comedy performed by the young actors and students from Sibiu. Carton, by Clément Michel, is a performance by and for young people, which had a tremendous succes in Paris, among the French audience and which had been played 700 times, between 2001 and 2004. The subject is the story of an unpredictable moving out, which presents seven characters that are never in in the right place at the right time, caught between the unpacked things and the unsolved problems between them. „For us, the script was more like a reason for starting to study the comic situation but, determined by the idea of a European project, we ended up by making a performance out of it. Moreover, besides the French version, the scenography signed by Claudiu Nicodim is innovative because of the resources he used and the shape it took under his direction”. (Ana Mujat and Puiu Şerban) Carton has all the qualities to becoming a great success, especially because it will have its première at Sibiu International Theatre Festival and because it’s part of the European project SpieGeL, that aims to prevent violence among young people by using comic means.

Performance presented in Romanian with English subtitles.