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 U.S.A. - Romania
Ioana Jucan & Rebecca Henriksen (Listening LabOratory, associated with Brown University)
Directed by: Ioana Jucan
Cast: Ioana Jucan, Rebecca Henriksen, (on video) Casey Robbins, Arianna Geneson

How to endure in a world that looks strange though familiar – a world in which one feels that something is inescapably not right? „Cabinet of Cynics 1: Endure” explores possible answers to this question in a performance conceived through a collaboration between performance artist Ioana Jucan and visual artist Rebecca Henriksen. Combining video, choreographed movement, and sculpture in the space that emerges between the stage and the screen, the performance is a meditation on several themes and the ways in which they intersect in the contemporary world: the figure of the cynic and cynicism as a pervasive emotional situation today; habits of thinking and rituals of living characteristic of the capitalist form of life; relationships and how they work (or don't) today; freedom and dependence; and endurance as a paradoxical knotting together of the immutable and the possibility of change.

Made possible in part by a grant from the Brown University Creative Arts Council.
Performance presented in English.