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 Israel / Denmark
Yossi Berg & Oded Graf Dance Company
Concept & Choreography: Oded Graf & Yossi Berg
Dramaturgy: Hillel Kogan Artistic
Artistic Consultant: Itai Shtern & Julia Giertz
Costumes: Mona Moller Schmid
Lights: Antonio Rodrigues Andersen, Omer Shizaf
Music: Markus Pesonen, Angelo Badalamenti, Gerard Grisey, Danny Elfman, PJ Harvey, Maurice Ravel
Creating Performers: Siri Wolthoorn, Anne Nyboe, Soren Linding Urup, Pierre Enaux, Robert Logrell, Oded Graf and Yossi Berg

The fantastic, surreal work of seven dancers that explore the concept of utopia through text, song, and dance. Following their International success with previous productions "4 Men" and "Animal Lost", choreographers Yossi and Oded continue their unique, artistic research and reveal a new political piece about the state of humanity. Black Fairytale asks: Who are we, where are we heading, and what do we dream about? In this manifesto for utopia, seven dancers navigate the balance between fragments of reality and the wonderland they create. Surrounded by marching soldiers, religious and political leaders, and searching individuals, the performers explore a scary yet beautiful world that nourishes love and hope. Black Fairytale offers a roller coaster ride between harsh and ecstatic moments, war and love, and dreams and illusions. Its onstage world is seductive, grotesque, dynamic, dramatic, and musical.

Co-production: Yossi & Oded; Dansehallerne & Bora Bora Theaters Danemarca
Supported by: Danish Arts Council, Israeli Ministry of Culture & Foreign Affairs, Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts, Copenhagen Performing Arts Committee, Augustinus Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden

      © Christoffer Askman