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Universitatea „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu - Departamentul de Artă Teatrală
after Leonid Zorin
Director: Veronica Pătru, Cătălin Pătru
Cast: Alexandra Ceaca, Constantin Podu, Teodora Voineagu

The show presents the love story between two students, located in the past century's Moscow. He studies oenology, is a true russian, passioned of wines; she studies music, is a Polish girl who came to study in Russia with diva aspirations. The passion for music is what brings them together, at a Chopin concert. Their destiny follows the trajectory of any love story between two youngsters in love, with plans for the future, with jealousy caused by a phone call, with love proofs in the middle of the street, with sascrifices made for the beloved. But, like any young love, the fear of becoming too attached breaks them up. The same destiny brings them back together ten years later, for a last meeting, a moment when the demons of the past, which until now were haunting their dreams, take shape, blurring their eyes. After this episode, the time retakes its normal flow, each one with his own life, each one with his own way.

Performance presented in Romanian with English subtitles.
Performance not recommended under 12.

      © Costin Chesnoiu