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Robert Turcescu şi Casa Presei
Music: Robert Turcescu / Gabriel Basarabescu
Lyrics: Robert Turcescu/ Gabriel Basarabescu / Florian Pittiş
Cast: Robert Turcescu (voice, guitar), Gabriel Basarabescu (keys), George Vila (guitar), Radu Cartianu (guitar), Alex Dăscălescu (rums), Alina Crişan (saxophone)

Robert Turcescu and Casa Presei Band are coming back to the SITF with a concert that will make the people fall for them. Well known to the local public since the 2012 edition of the festival, as well from TV, the band named the concert „A chorus” like the song with which they participated on the national finale on Eurovision 2013. The 15 songs they play in concerts are sung in Romanian and some of them became famous from their first gig. The subject of the songs are based on the typical everyday-problems, nostalgic and romantic thoughts. You'll be able to listen to the slow songs that will make you feel closer to their own writers and singers and some other songs which will make you get up and dance. The show is addressed to those looking for a great rock night.

      © Radu Badoiu