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Flamenco Reborn
Directed and choreographed by: David Gutiérrez
Music: Atrapado en el Tiempo
Stage director: Patricia Gutiérrez
Music director: Rafael Fernandez y Fran León
Dramaturgy: Un Tiempo Nuevo para el Flamenco
Scenography: Oscar Vazquez
Light & sound design: Oscar Vazquez
Wardrobe design: Carmen Modas
Seamstress: Marife Puche
Management: Flamenco Agency, Jaime Trancoso, Ph.D.
One interpretation of ‘reborn’ in Barcelona Flamenco Ballet is that of reconstruction. The dancers are constantly reconstructing the ambiances they produce onstage. They build up a movement, or a rhythm, with repetitive, vigorous motions - and then break it, instantly stopping, rupturing the established order, then beginning again, with a new movement, a new rhythm. In this way the rhythm itself is ‘reborn’ - constantly renewing the dynamics of the performance, keeping it fresh and alive. These transitions from the exuberant outpourings of passion to quiet moments of intimacy mean that the production is constantly in fluctuation, in a process of reinvention.

We also see the performers being ‘reborn’ through their discovery and claiming of flamenco. Initially, their formal, tight clothing restricts and restrains them. They are prevented from moving freely, every motion they make is stiff. However, as the music grows, they find a harmony between their bodies and the music - like the flamenco has helped them rediscover a part of themselves, a new part which they have been able to liberate.

Date of premiere: 09.06.2017
Original title: Tiempo Nuevo

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