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Flamenco Nights
Directed and Choreographed by: David Gutiérrez, special collaboration Tania Martin, Carlos Romero & Lucrezia Sanfilippo
Subdirected by: Paula Sánchez
Music: Luxuria
Stage director: Producciones Gutiérrez
Music director: Jose Manuel Castilla
Dramaturgy: Luxuria. David Gutiérrez & Paula Sánchez
Scenography: Jorge García
Light & sound design: Jorge García & Mauro S. Rizzo
Wardrobe design: Producciones Gutiérrez
Management: Flamenco Agency, Jaime Trancoso, Ph.D.
Barcelona Flamenco Ballet fuses three dance styles with which we are all familiar - jazz, contemporary and, of course, flamenco - although the integration of the three results in a totally innovative onstage presence. Creating a tension so electric, the metallic tapping sounds of the dancers’ footwork endure in one’s ears, leaving us questioning: what does “Flamenco Nights” mean in this production?

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet, in its monumental grandeur, possesses a symbolic, almost expressionist aspect, which is seen in its evocative reflection about the Night. The show expresses all the mixed feelings that an artist lives in the evening, from fear to success. The real truth about an artist life. An interesting gaze into the dark side of the artists’ experience backstage, both frustrations and self-improvements. The biggest desire or ambition is to become a famous artist. In this way, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet creates not just a dance performance, but a work of art.

Date of premiere: 14.06.2020
Original title: Otra Noche

      © Remus Dante