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  Grivița 53
What can I offer you?
Text by: Pascal Bruckner
Directed by: Chris Simion - Mercurian
Cast: Maia Morgenstern, Rodica Mandache, Chris Simion - Mercurian
Traducerea: Ramona Pavel
Decorul: Imelda Manu
Costumele: Mirela Traistaru
Asistent costume: Iolanda Mutu gr
Light design: George Jipa
Video: Cristi Enache & Total Image Solution
Producător: Grivița 53
WHAT CAN I GET YOU? is the first theatre play written by the famous French essayist and novelist Pascal Bruckner for Grivița 53 – the first theatre that we built together. Inspired by the playwright Eugene Ionesco, Pascal Bruckner created an effervescent situation comedy. A client who doesn’t know what to chose from the vast menu… a waitress who wants to offer her “both this, and that” so she cannot decide on one product, and… God… WHAT CAN I GET YOU? can be found in our daily lives, in our dilemmas, in our fears and our similarities. We are the product of our choices. What sets us apart is the courage to change our subjective perspective as often as possible and the capacity to see ourselves from the outside with humour.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Oana Monica Nae