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Transience means ‘impermanence’, the ephemeral of the 10.000 things under the same sky. By its very nature the world is ever changing and devoid of real substance, subjected to the passing of time that dissolves what we consider solid or real. It is a name fitting this project, because the images themselves depict a world that has no fixed form, in which light bleeds from one shape to the other. The complete works of the Transience project, spanning over five full years of impressionist, experimental and abstract fine art photography, consist of dream images from a few European capitals (Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Kyoto, Bucharest), staged portraits of invented and archetypal characters, a full series dedicated to the Venice Carnival (pastels of city’s canals and extensive costume masks portraits in different color palettes) , abstracts exploring the turbulent details of the water and fire elements... and the Sparkle fantasy - staging shots of figures that resemble light sculptures, from which sometimes a face can be seen peering through the streaks of particles, as if transported to this plane of existence from another world, a world with less gravity and near to no solidity. My work moves the focus of photography from capturing images of this reality to creating photographs of different worlds and styles. It mutates photography from the real to the fantastical, from the 'what is' to the 'what it can become', through imagination, inventing the image instead of using the ready-made, crafting a photograph that depicts reality in an unreal or surreal way. My goal was to photograph reality in a way that it no longer looks real, palpable, but more like we are made of mist, particles or light waves. A photograph that depicts reality in an unreal way.
photography/video/augmented reality




      © Daniel Munteanu