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By: Daniel Munteanu
Short Film projection program:
1. An artist's journey
2. FITS intermezzo
3. Innocence of winter

(soundtrack credits: Elven Bird, A.G. Weinberger)
What is a visual poem? A visual poem has a similar structure to a short film and may belong to the category of video art. Nevertheless, it is more than the sum of its parts - impressionist photographs tied in a uninterupted flow, the sound track (music and sound design) and the text that is recited/read at key moments. In the absence of any of those three parts one can not achieve the form of a visual poem. The visual poem has a non-narrative structure and more likely lyrical and visual in nature, as the concept suggests, it does not hurry in its unfolding and it is an opportunity for reflection and meditation.
1. FITS Intermezzo (Festivalul International de Teatru Sibiu 2015-2017 - Transience)
2. Transience - An artist's journey
3. Innocence of Winter

      © Daniel Munteanu