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  TTB - Teatro tascabile di Bergamo
Directed by: Renzo Vescovi
Cast: Tiziana Barbiero, Matteo Carabelli, Giuseppe Chierichetti, Matteo Forti, Antonietta Fusco, Alice Laspina, Stefania Locatelli, Ruben Manenti, Alessandro Rigoletti, Caterina Scotti, Marta Suardi.
Crew: Pietro Bailo, Lorenzo Bucci, Fabio Vignaroli
“Valse” is an open-space performance built around a myth-category of European social culture, namely, the waltz. As it is well-known, various anthropological, social and historical elements are condensed in this dance. But the waltz is first and foremost a popular myth: the triumph of lightness in a concert of glances and smiles, vortex of tulle and dinner jackets, glow of jewellery and décolleté. A red thread, like the one in the British Navy hawsers, runs through the weaving: a restless girl, eluding the surveillance of her tutor, opens her large eyes wide into the world of adults at the great ball whilst a silly and sly monkey tempts her with its golden ball.
“Beautiful and sweet show by TTB... one of those shows that warms up your heart and lets you believe that not every hope dies at dawn” (Festival Newsletter of the Mediterranean Institute of Theatre, Malta)
“Incredible, fantastic, amazing...!” (Correo del Sur, Bolivia)
“A show with a rare type of intensity that a lot of spectators will remember for a long time” – “Can you expect more from theatre?” (Tiroler Tageszeitung, Austria)
“The actors have an astonishing technical and expressive mastery.” (Svenkadogbladet, Sweden)

      © TTB Teatro tascabile di Bergamo