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The Universe of Alfred Schnittke
Alfred Schnittke, composer of the 20th century, composed pieces for film, theatre, ballet, chamber music, symphonies and opera, creating his own language, which he called “polystylistics”. His creations can’t be listened passively; once you hear his music, it will stick with you throughout your life, like a stalker. This happened to cello player Makcim Fernandez Samodaiev and to pianist Monica Florescu, who travelled with Schnittke’s Universe in Belgium, Mexico, Cuba, Romania, as each concert became an unforgettable experience, both for the artists, and the audience. Once, the composer’s mother asked him why he wrote such terrible, disconcerting music. He replied: “It’s hard to write music dedicated to the Good.”
Old Style Suite
I. Pastorale
II. Ballet
III. Minuet
IV. Fugue
V. Pantomime
Sonata for cello and piano nr. 1 (1978)
I. Largo
II. Presto
III. Largo
Epilogue “Out of the world” for cello, piano and tape

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