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  Yamamoto Noh Theater
The Trivet Crown
Performance by: Akihiro Yamamoto
Cast: Akihiro Yamamoto, Toyohiko Sugiura, Motonori Umewaka, Yūki Kasada, Yoshiaki Yamamoto, Ryōichi Arimatsu, Atsushi Saitō, Tomohide Furuta, Yoshinori Moriya, Tooru Tanaka
One night, a Shinto priest at Kibune Shrine receives a divine revelation in his dreams, saying that he should give a divine message to a woman from Kyoto who visits the shrine for worship after midnight. At the said time, the woman soon appears. She has come to curse her ex-husband for abandoning her and taking a new wife. The priest relays to her the divine message, which says that if she puts on a red dress, paints her face red, puts an iron trivet on her head like a crown and places three burning candles on it, she will be able to turn into a vengeful demon. The woman leaves, swearing to make her husband pay for the pain he has caused her. Meanwhile, the woman's ex-husband has hired the famous yin-yang diviner Abe no Seimei to protect him from a supposed curse that causes him to have nightmares every night. Seimei sets up an altar with life-size dolls representing the newly-wed couple, in order to transfer the curse into them. Transformed into a demon, the man's ex-wife appears, lamenting her bitterness. Fooled by the diviner's magic, she attacks the dolls. Armed only with his spiritual power, Seimei manages to exorcise the demon. The demon leaves swearing to seek another chance for revenge.
Performance in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English.

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