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  Teatrul pentru Copii și Tineret GONG
The Rules of the Game
Written and directed by: Yann Verburgh
Cast: Paul Bondane (Oldo); Alexandra Șerban (Aman/Nama); Barbara Crișan (voice,Oldo's mother); Mircea Corcoveanu – (voice Oldo's father); Mihaela Grigoraș (voice, Nama's aunt); Nicoleta Lefter (voice, Lumina); Jenő Major (voice, Militia); Gabriela Mitrea (voice, Nama's mother); Nicolae Suciu (voice,Nama's uncle); Claudiu Urse (voice, Militia)

Translation: Diana Nechit
Scenography: Velica Panduru
Video Design: Ioana Bodal
Music: Claudiu Urse
Stage Director: Stela Matioc
Sound: Dan Caras
Lights: Adrian Truțescu
Video: Horațiu Dancu
Stage Hands: Lucian Ducu, Emil Predescu
“When something is broken it can be fixed, right? In order to make it work just as new, but not necessarily as before, but perhaps better than before...” On the ruins of his home, a little boy, Oldo, waits for his father, like a little prince trapped between two worlds at war, far apart from each other, two worlds that he knows almost nothing about, but that caught him in the war between them. They caught Oldo and his friend, Aman, the one he plays football with, the one he tells his story to and the one next to whom he starts to feel less alone. On the ruins of his friend’s house, a man lives his life with a freedom that his country and his culture would never allow, neither in times of peace, nor in times of war. Aman, alongside Oldo, dreams of changing the world, in order to make it a better place, with new rules. They dream of making a new town out of the ruins, a new town in which they can both have the same rights, because Aman is, in fact, a girl. And girls there must always be silent and always obey. Their friendship gives them hope, but where can their hope go?
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Dragoș Dumitru