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The Lost Generation
Text after: Robert Patrick
Directed by: Sava Dragunchev, Jr., D. Phil.
Cast: Alexander Tonev, Bojidar Jordanov, Vladimir Mateev, Gabriel Plachkov, Elena Decheva, Lora Nedyalkova, Mario Galabov, Maria Bakalova, Maria Tepavicharova, Martina Georgieva, Martina Peneva, Mila Robert, Mihail Ryadkov, Peter Petrov, Polya Jordanova, Simona Zdravkova
The American Dream crashed through the turnsole of the contemporary young generation. The eventful 1960s catalysed through the sensitivity of the students from the Bulgarian National Academy of Theatre and Cinema. A refraction of the titanic age of ignorance and fear, thoughtless optimism and narcotic bliss of Hemingway’s Lost Generation. A contextual chaos in a panting attempt to rectify the constantly failing human project. Fate at its endless search of communication code, of transcending existence and unquenchable love.
Performance in Bulgarian, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 12.

      © Keti Raykova