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  Roxana Savin
The Inner Theater
Roxana Savin
“If all of our social masks were stripped away, what would be left of us? Once again, we must ask whether a real or authentic self lies behind the social masks, or whether our most backstage self is only another mask, albeit one that fits more comfortably than the others. Perhaps we are most real when we are not performing for any audience at all. Perhaps we are most real when we are only in the presence of ourselves, immersed in our private soliloquies.” Inspired by Daniel Rigney's “The Metaphorical Society” (2001), the artist aims to capture an impression of a metamorphosis.
With the fall of night, anxieties escalate; the masks come off, one by one, and reveal glimpses of emotions that simmer, about to blow.
Employing the media of fine art photography and sound, the exhibition confronts questions about theatrical performance in everyday life.
Curated by Sona Stepanyan.
Photography Exhibition The Inner Theater (project 2017-2018)

Vernisaj 15 iunie, ora 12.30

      © Roxana Savin