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  Universitatea din Craiova / Departamentul de Arte / Anul al II-lea / Actorie
The Cherry Orchard
Text by: Anton Pavlovici Cehov
Directed by: Haricleea Nicolau
Dean: Lect.univ.dr. Edith Mag

Cast: Mihaela Dobre (Ranevskaia Liubov Andreevna), Darko Huruială (Lopahin Iermolai Alexeevici), Gloria Bucătaru (Varia), Simona Grîcleanu (Ania), Robert Vladu (Gaev Leonid Andreevici), Alexandru Purcaru (Firs), Alexandru Lăzărescu (Trofimov Piotr Sergheevici), Cătălina Vînătoru (Duniașa), Andrei Stanciu (Epihodov Semion Panteleevici), Vlad Burdușel (Iașa), Ioana Stama (Charlotta Ivanovna)

Assistent to the Director: Masterand Theodora Bălan
Lights and Sound: Finca Florentin
This two-act study was clearly built as a play-within-a-play, in which the story of “The Cherry Orchard” is told from the viewpoint of Charlotte Ivanovna, the alter ego of the director. The actors and the characters are always on stage and actors switch between themselves and the characters before the spectators’ eyes. This scenic approach frees the play from the burden of Chekov’s sluggishness, there is no samovar on stage, every now and then the clear tinkling of a triangle stops the story, the characters freeze as if in a wax museum. The various sounds in the performance result from the interpreters’ artistry and make up the sound environment. The backstage is exposed and there are no secrets.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Cătălin Corneanu