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  Oana Pellea și Mircea Rusu - ARCUB-GOONG
The Beauty of Venice in September
Text by: Teodor Mazilu
Directed by: Mariana Cămărășan
Cast: Oana Pellea, Mircea Rusu
Scenography: Vladimir Turturica
Light design: Stefan Vsilescu
Video: Vlad Lăzărescu
An unexpected love story appears in a place where we have gotten too accustomed to only see shortfalls, in a reality which can only be made more bearable through dream. But this cannot and should not replace it, but only reveal its depth, meaning and beauty. This theatre parable brings together actors Oana Pellea and Mircea Rusu, alongside a well-established creative team: Stefan Vasilescu, Vladimir Turturică, Vlad Lăzărescu and Mariana Cămărășan. “In love with being in love, millions of people dream about Venice. The waves of the Adriatic Sea sweep over the island’s brick shores. Street lamps light up one by one, as a jukebox plays Lucio Dalla’s fabulous music. It all looks surreal. Bewitched by absolute romanticism, a man and a woman rediscover themselves as they never imagined. Reality, seen through dream and beyond, is in fact wonderful, and things we barely dare dream of are already in the soul of each and every one of us. They come alive when… when we experience that… that… I can’t find the right word. What’s the antonym of loneliness?” Mariana Cămărășan
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

Co-producers: ARCUB, Asociatia GOONG, Raiffeisen Bank

      © Mihaela Petre