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  Die2, Verein zur Verbreitung Europäischer Kultur / Mercedes Echerer
Romanian Roulette - A Whole Life in One Night
Written and Directed by: Mercedes Echerer
Cast: Mercedes Echerer; Andreea Chira – pan flute, Adrian Gaspar – piano & accordion; Lubomír Gašpar - cymbal; Branko Jovanovic - guitar; Wladigeroff Alexander – trumpet & flugelhorn; Wladigeroff Konstantin - clarinet; Vuk Vasilic – double bass
After a meeting with the Romanian Minister for European Affairs, the Brussels-based European politician Arika Lacrima Moraru is ambushed on a dark night in Transylvania on her way to the airport, robbed of all her possessions and abandoned on the side of the road, somewhere in a Romanian no-man’s-land. So, all of a sudden, she is not on her safe journey back home to her family but standing in the police station of a secluded village, after a long walk through the winter darkness. The officer on duty placidly informs her that the Internet exists but does not work here and, secondly, without any proof of her identity, he has to preventively take her into custody. And so it happens that Arika spends - of course, very much against her will - this night before Christmas on the plank bed of a Romanian prison cell… And suddenly, she has a lot of time to think about her life. In this autobiographical story, the actress, performer, moderator, and former member of the European Parliament Mercedes Echerer follows the traces of her own childhood and brings the diverse cultures and identities of her European home to life in an array of songs, scenes, and stories.
Performance in German, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.

With the support of: Forumul Cultural Austriac București

      © Werner Müller