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  Dramaten - The Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden
Peer Gynt
Text by: Henrik Ibsen
Adaptation by: Michael Thalheimer, Maja Zade
Directed by: Michael Thalheimer
Translation: Lars Forssell
Stage design: Olaf Altmann
Costumes: Michaela Barth
Light design: Michael Gööck
Video design: Alexander du Prel
Music: Bert Wrede
Make up and wigs: EvaMaria Holm and Peter Westerberg
Dramaturgy: Maja Zade, Magnus Florin
English surtitles: Magnus Florin and Seppo Laukkanen
Technical crew: Roger Larsson/ Tomas Karlsson/ Samuel Hermelin/ Patrik Angestav/ Janne Pihlaja/ Thomas Nilsson/ Daniel Rejmer
Dressers: Erika Hagberg/ Ulrika Lilliehöök Larsson
Stage manager: Måns Pettersson
Prompter: Michaela Alfvén
Producer: Seppo Laukkanen

Cast: Peer Gynt - Erik Ehn, Åse - Stina Ekblad, Solveig/ Ingrid/ The green-clad woman/ Anitra - Rebecka Hemse, Aslak/ Solveig's father/ Troll 1/ The geen-clad woman - old/ Ballon/ A Norwegian skipper/ A button-moulder - Carl Magnus Dellow, Man 2/ The bridegroom/ Troll 2/ The green-clad woman’s son/ Eberkopf/ Begriffenfeldt/ A cook - Andreas Rothlin Svensson, Man 1/ The old man of Dovre/ Cotton/ A strange passenger - Thomas Hanzon
The restless good-for-nothing Peer travels around the world in pursuit of himself.
The Norwegian national epos Peer Gynt is a unique and wild mixture of satire, surrealism and saga. Peer Gynt’s incomparable life in our version is a concentrated performance signed by Michael Thalheimer.
Michael Thalheimer is one of Europe’s most renowned directors, famous for his concentrated and intensive productions of classics, narrated with powerful images and feelings. He works at the most important theatres of Europe and is a resident director and a member of the artistic management of Berliner Ensemble. Thalheimer’s first association with Dramaten was a guest performance of Goethe’s Faust 2006 from Deutsches Theater in Berlin. Two years later he directed Ödön von Horváth’s Kasimir und Karoline with great acclaim and 2013 he returned to direct Büchner’s Woyzeck which became an artistic triumph. Peer Gynt premiered at Dramaten February 22, 2018 and was invited to The Ibsen Festival in Oslo the same year. Erik Ehn received the prestigious Svenska Dagbladet Thalia Prize for his rendering of Peer and he was nominated for the multidisciplinary Culture prize of Dagens Nyheter.
Performance in Swedish, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 12.

Special effects: strob light, smoke, loud music

      © Sören Vilks