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  Leeds Backet University
Page 127:
A performance by and with: Maria Popova
Sound Design: Aidan Johnson - Clerk37
Costume Design: Katie Ireland.
Page 127: is a movement installation piece that seeks to transform the temporal space. A body embedded in an abstracted sculptural surrounding, consumed by crisp white paper that is neither falling nor rising, time standing still. The shifting space, thickened with its own consistency, its own productive agency becomes the performer, an interplay between reality and imagination unfolds the work itself. Sculptural form is ever-evolving whilst notions of writing the body are explored in this performance, challenging the way we experience our own corporeality. The audience are free to move around the space. Page 127: is an invitation to experience an alternative perspective, a shattering new way of seeing a world that is both transient and fixed; in its perpetual state of becoming.
Work supported by: Yorkshire Dance and Leeds Beckett University

      © Fabrice Gagos