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  Academy of Music and Theatre Arts - Falmouth University/ The Void Theatre Company
Old Clown Wanted
Text by: Matei Vișniec
Directed by: Eusebiu-Mihail Tudoroiu
Choreography by: Ementior Dance Company
Cast: Robert Bogdanov-Schein (Filippo), Eusebiu-Mihail Tudoroiu (Nicollo), Jack Arthur (Peppino)
Circus performers: Andrea Rios Ruiz, Andrea Isaksen, Ben Mandeville, Brandon Holloway, Carla Montero, Laura Cutlan, Nathan Tabberer, Teodor Tincu

Costume design: Cosmin Stancu
Make-up design: Andrea (Andy) Isaksen & Jaz Rifat
Light design: Ethan Kent
Sound design: Ryan Lillie
Stage manager: Elenie Hajibey & Ned Siuipys
Producers: Robert Bogdanov-Schein, Eusebiu-Mihail Tudoroiu
Graphic design: Melissa Ivana
Old Clown Wanted is a show produced by a young group of international people called The Void Theatre Company in their first collaboration with Ementior Dance Company. It is based on a script by Matei Vișniec, a successful Romanian-French playwright. Three elderly men arriving with suitcases in a windowless room, answering an advertisement for a ‘Small Part for an Old Clown’. The three out-of-fashion clowns who bump into one another at the audition, hope they will be chosen as it is clearly their last chance. When no one arrives to interview them, they start performing their old routines. The Void Theatre Company presents an adaptation of this script mixing elements of theatre, dance, physical theatre and circus. Suddenly we discover that these three old clowns are being caught in a trap where space and the time are no longer real, and everything is controlled by a group of mysterious circus performers. Exploring the transition between the civil face of a performer and his on-stage form and using integrated elements of choreography within theatre and circus, the show guides the audience through comedy, mystery, tension, power, playfulness and rituals that open up surprises at each stage.
Performance in English, with translation into Romanian.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 12.

      © Eleonora-Melissa Ivana