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  Company Chameleon
Of Man And Beast
Choreography by: Anthony Missen
With: Kevin Edward Turner, Theo Fapohunda, Lee Clayden, Thomasin Gulgec, David Colley
An unforgettable outdoor dance piece exploring and uncovering the many faces of masculinity, “Of Man And Beast” provides a powerful and sensitive look at male group dynamics and behaviour. Following a male group of friends in a range of different scenarios, bravado is high and aggression is rife: you have to be tough, funny, fast if you’re part of the gang. With a shifting pecking order, cracks in the group begin to appear, and soon the characters are forced to question their individual identity, and just what it means to fit in and belong. Tightly packed and thoughtfully paced, Of Man And Beast is different throughout, showcasing Company Chameleon’s unique physical style and a rich mix of dance and movement techniques. Anthony Missen’s choreography is both gritty and graceful and is brought to life through the stunning athletic ability of the five exceptional male dancers. Laugh out loud funny in parts, dark and menacing in others, this tightly packed piece holds a mirror to our times, and in doing so, is both emotional and thought provoking.
Commissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival and Merchant City Festival Glasgow

      © Brian Slater