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  Plasticiens Volants
New world
Written and directed by: Jean-Philippe Hemery
Scenography: Plasticiens Volants
Music: Philippe Bonnet
Carving & costumes: Elisabeth Sonnendrücker
Inflatables painting: Marc Etiève
Puppeteers: Plasticiens Volants
At the beginning the Earth was bare, the animals lived free of all human presence. A nonchalant tropical fish flies over the audience, while a puffin hovers around giant plants. Then the colonists arrive by ship. On the ground, extras accompany the crossing. They are “the small people” marching on. Finally arriving, a village is born. At the beginning, their activity is a source of joy. Music accompanies this enthusiastic activity. Then, giant chimneys rise up, whilst the plants disappear, as well as the animals. The Molochs’ enormous heads with huge open mouths appear at the foot of the chimneys. The workers are swallowed by these monsters. Godzilla appears. He comes to the surface of the earth unleashing his anger. He is going to destroy everything. The only ones left are few workmen. Then, we hear a naive and childish song, a call for life and hope. Answering this call, les fiancées de la pluie (the fiancées of the rain) appear, they begin a dance where a plant used to be, and it grows back. This game repeats itself and all the vegetation regains strength, rises up. The light fades slowly on this space brought back to life.

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