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  Teatrul Național „Radu Stanca” Sibiu
Directed by: Silviu Purcărete
Text after: Ovidiu
Dramaturgy: Alain Garlan
Decorul: Helmut Stürmer
Costumele: Lia Manțoc
Muzica: Vasile Șirli
În distribuție: Ioana Cosma, Veronica Arizancu, Emõke Boldizsár, Mihai Coman, Florin Coşuleţ, Ali Deac, Diana Fufezan, Alexandru Malaicu, Adrian Matioc, Mariana Mihu, Adrian Neacşu, Ioan Paraschiv, Eduard Pătraşcu, Cătălin Pătru, Fabiola Petri, Daniel Plier, Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Oana Marin, Cristina Ragos, Viorel Raţă, Vlad Robaş, Bogdan Sărătean, Ciprian Scurtea, Cristian Stanca, Arina Ioana Trif, Cendana Trifan, Codruţa Vasiu, Pali Vecsei, Ema Veţean, Liviu Vlad
Ovid made a parallel between his narrative poem “Metamorphosis” and the impact of theatre. It should come as no surprise that one of the most famous European directors, Silviu Purcărete, should have the ambition of translating the stanzas of the poem, to express their poetic essence and distillate extraordinary sounds and images out of them. For his adaptation of Ovid’s masterpiece, Purcărete worked with Alain Garlan and sought to magnify human beings’ deepest emotions. Working with various kinds of artists, he fairly seems to seize on the poems and turn them into a mystifying and memorable open-air performance. This project is a collaboration between institutions from Romania, Luxembourg and France. The performance was first staged in the inner court of Abbey of Neumünster Cultural Exchange Center. A spectacular staging that made the audience aware of the unique visibility and acoustics of this tourist site.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16.
Performance presented in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Paul Băilă