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Medea s Boys
Text by: Ionuț Sociu
With fragments from: “Medea” by Euripides
Directed by: Andrei Măjeri
With: Eduard Trifa, Alexandru Ion, Alex Mirea, Vlad Ionuț Popescu, Alex Chindriș, Florin Aioane
Scenography: Irina Chirilă
Choreography: Attila Bordás
Sound design: Adrian Piciorea
Assistants to the Director: Teodora Petre, Victor Tunsu
Sound: Andrei Mihai
Lights: Marius Nițu
Technical Director: Mihai Acsente
Foto: Barna Nemethi
Mulțumiri speciale: Oana Pușcatu & FlashTattoos.ro
Over the last millennia, gender discrimination has dominated the arts, culture and life. In “MEDEA’S BOYS”, the director “dismantles” the legend of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. Through irony and humour, the performance highlights the vulnerabilities of men, macho attitudes, patriarchy and misogyny. This stage universe is populated by a men-only cast. Some Argonauts come together to celebrate the most important experience of their lives – the mythological journey on the ship Argo.
The waters of these courageous and unconscious memories become murky with the memory of Medea, a character whom Euripides imagined as a castrating figure, a killer and vengeful nomad. She appears in the minds and in the infested, broken identities of these six non-heroes, direct witnesses of major events, but untouched by fame. By manifesting their rather politically incorrect urges, while rememorating Medea’s sacrifices, as well as her recent murder, the protagonists’ retrograde mentality, and thus their sexist discourse changes. “MEDEA’S BOYS” is about the pathology of love, in an erotically incorrect show. In the end, it’s about men trying to understand.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 16.

      © Claudiu Popescu