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Manneken's Piss
Directed by: Toti Toronell
Set design: Plancton Escena
Puppets and atrezzo design: Joan Pena
Sound design: Jordi Mateu
Light design: Eloi Ponce
Music: David Pradas
Costumes design: Goretti Herrero
Cast: Jordi Pedrós, Cristina Garcia & Aitana Giralt
It’s time to unveil a new fountain in the city! Bronze, water, light and some quite special statues that are supposed to stay still. This is a wordless show that combines the craziest comedy and a primitive innocence. Realism and surrealism, beauty, movement, surprises and tones of fun. Welcome to this magical day when the fountain starts working, we don’t know how long it’s going to work! “Manneken's Piss” hilarious non-speaking performance uses silent communication with the audience and the noisiest comedy for all audiences. The show is inspired by the Brussels fountain “Manneken Pis” and developed through three reproductions of the Belgian figure. The three figures are trapped in the fountain, which is actually working. This is an interdisciplinary project that combines an intimate and delicate language with the wideness and expression that are provided by masks and physical theatre.

      © Blanca Martinez