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  Machine de Cirque
La Galerie
Directed by: Olivier Lépine
Artistic Director and Co-Writer: Vincent Dubé
Stage Director and Author: Olivier Lépine
Cast: Adam Strom, Antoine Morin, Connor Houlihan, Gaël Della-Valle, Lyne Goulet, Pauline Bonanni, Vladimir Lissouba and William Poliquin-Simms
Music: Lyne Goulet and Marie-Hélène Blay
Artistic Advisors: Frédéric Lebrasseur, Maxim Laurin and Raphaël Dubé
Scenographer: Julie Lévesque
Light Design: Bruno Matte
Production Director: Geneviève Ouellet-Fortin
Technical Director: Mathieu Hudon
White. Entirely white. At an immaculate exhibit, a plume of colour is promptly cleaned up. The visitors are delighted to return to monochrome perfection.
Little by little, something seems off, things go haywire. The stage gradually shifts to a kaleidoscopic world. Intrigued, the visitors let themselves blend into it; they become engulfed, intoxicated. They cross into the other world: the set turns inside out. Colour appears once again, but now it is indelible. Amused, troubled, energized – will it absorb them?
Under the leadership of stage director Olivier Lépine, seven world-class circus artists and a multi-instrumentalist take you to the outer edges of art: where all boundaries are blurred.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 10.

Co-producers: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec; Canada Council for the Arts; Cultural development agreement entered into between the Government of Québec and the Ville de Québec; Temal Productions; Cirque au Sommet

      © Loup-William Théberge