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  Asociația Teatrului de Comedie - „George Mihăiță”
I am a Blind Man
Script (improvised) by Horațiu Mălăele and collage from the works of famous poets
A performance by and with: Horațiu Mălăele
Convinced that laughter will save the world, the artist provokes the audience through humour and honesty, in a one-of-a-kind recital, in which he combines poetry with fine irony and improvisation with sharp wit.
The performance “I Am a Blind Man” includes some highly important poems, as well as short prose. This show is made up of several components, and it talks about myself, as well as about you all.” - Horațiu Mălăele states. “You can read Horațiu’s joy and happiness at these meetings with his audience on his face. Relaxed and smiling widely, the actor’s face is a sea of calmness, inner peace and gratification. (…) He conveys a comforting kind of familiarity, chases loneliness away, although he speaks about it, and sows love and cordiality.
Doina Papp
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 12.

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