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  Teatrul Luceafărul Iași
History in the First Person
Oltița Cîntec (coordinator), Ioana Natalia Corban, George Cocoș, Alex Iurașcu
Filming: Alexandru Condurache
Video: Andrei Botnaru
Music: Diana Roman
The result of a collaborative creative process coordinated by theatrologist Oltița Cîntec, “History in the First Person” is a theatre re-reading of the relations between personal history, that of each and every one of us, and official history, as written by historians. This devised theatre performance was born out of a research process managed by the team, who studied in archives and libraries, read press, journals and scientific literature, used their autobiographies, collected verbatim opinions of experts and of several generations in their own families, worked improvisation exercises with a focus group and made a selection to be included in the show, conducted an online survey, receiving answers from people of different ages and various occupations. Among others, the dramatic platform of this production includes references to the common perception on the events in 1989, what it’s like to be a prince nowadays, a direct descendant of Grigore Alexandru Ghyka, the last one to rule before Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the war described by fighters via mail, memories or testimonials, how we participate in real-time to contemporary history, to which we are connected online.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Andrei Botnaru