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  Teatrul Național Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale
Text by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Alexandru Grecu
Cast: Alexandru Crîlov (Hamlet), Irina Rusu (Gertrude), Olga Anghelici (Ophelia), Viorel Cornescu (Claudius), Sergiu Finiti (Polonius), Igor Mitreanu (Duhul), Eugeniu Matcovschi (Laertes), Roman Malai (Horatio), Artiom Oleacu (Bufonul), Trupa de actori/The Players: Nina Toderico, Alexandrina Grecu, Elena Negrescu, Nadia Crîlov, Gheorghe Guşan, Daniel Ciobanu, Constantin Ghileţchi
Sandu Grecu, the director of this new performance, has always distinguished himself through his strikingly topical approach to any dramatic, historical, or present-day subject. Referring to the social-political-dramatic situation in our Republic, the director places the protagonist of “The Mousetrap”, the imaginary universe created by Hamlet himself in his play (play-within-a-play), which was created to expose his father’s murderer. The hero broods looking for a way out of this deadly trap, but unfortunately there has never been one. Starting with the first minutes of this performance, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, takes us to the very heart of the story through well targeted gestures. In front of your eyes, the history that will take us to Hamlet’s well-known story unfolds; it’s written right there, like another play within a play, corresponding to what will be “The Mousetrap”.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 14.

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