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Ghost memories
Text by: Diana Mănăilă
Directed by: George Lepădatu, Diana Mănăilă
Cast: Zara Petroșel, Andrei Dongo, Alexander Bălan, Maria Moroșan, Anais Ramirez, David Mandache, Diana Chiriță, Radu Costea, Vlad Tudoran, Andreea Asaftei, Andreea Vaida, Augustin Kremser, Anna Anderson, Diana Mănăilă, George Lepădatu
“Ghost memories” is about 11 teenagers in a re-education centre, who hope to mend their mistakes. Their lies and their wish for their lives to get back to normal eliminate any chances of peaceful coexistence and sincere friendship.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © Alexandru Hosu