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  Contemporary Legend Theatre
Written by: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Script Adaptation: WU, Hsing-kuo, LIN, Hsiu-wei Dramaturg: Christoph Lepschy
Directed by: WU, Hsing-kuo
Choreography by: LIN, Hsiu-wei
Composer: WANG, I-yu
Aria Arranger: LI, Lian-bi
Costume Designer: KANG, Yen-ling
Stage Desiger: LIU, Ricky & Associates Architects+Planners
Light Designer: WONG, Choo-yean
Visual Designer: WANG, Ethan
Mask Designer & Calligrapher: CHANG,Wang
Cast: WU, Hsing-kuo (leading actor); CHU, Po-cheng; HUANG, Jo-lin; CHANG, Shuo-ting; HUANG, Yi-hao; YANG, Jui-yu; SHIH, Hung-chun; LIN, Yi-yuan; SUN, Chia-fang, LEE, Hsuan-lung
ACT 1. Faust is bored and depressed about his life as a scholar. He calls upon the Devil for powers to indulge all the pleasure and knowledge of the world. Mephistopheles appears and offers the solution in exchange for Faust’s soul in the afterlife. Faust falls in love and seduces young maiden Gretchen, who accidentally gets pregnant, poisons her mother and meets her own death at the end.
ACT 2. Faust appears as a Daoism priest and helps the emperor solve his financial problems. Amazed by Faust’s magic power, the emperor asks to see the ancient heroes and the beautiful Helena. With Mephistopheles’ help, Faust marries Helena and they have a child. However, Faust wakes up in the court and finds it was only a dream. Faust becomes a politician, who seems to work for the greater good of the people. But he burns down an old couples’ house where he feels stand as an obstacle to his major plan of an ideal kingdom. When Faust finally faces his own death again, he asks himself the question: “If I had been given the choice, would I re-live my life? Maybe Faust’s journey is a dream, or maybe it is a reality?” When watching the performance, you may decide for yourself.
Performance in Chinese, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under 10.

Special effects: strobe light

Producer: LIN, Hsiu-wei

      © Photographer KUO, Cheng-Chang