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  Okaua Theater Company
Directed and choreographed by: Ionuț Popescu, Gabriela Bobeș, Valentina Boldurescu
Cast: Valentina Boldurescu, Bianca Oriță, Andreea Preda, Cătălin Vîlcu, Cătălina Florea, David Albulescu, David Popescu, Dennis Ilie, Diana Dragu, Emi Dimitriu, Ina Dimitriu, Ionuț Vintilă, Maria Bistreanu, Mihnea Moise, Mara Stoicescu, Ruxandra Preda, Silviu Lupescu, Tudor Dumitrescu, Victor Ion, Miruna Ușurelu, Maria Nicolae, Diana Prunescu, Ariana Dobrescu.
Our choreographic story starts from a simple idea. The histrion of a theatre troupe, whose central character is a clown disguised as Master of Ceremonies, invites his guests (the spectators) on an imaginary journey through the small and wild Roma-mia. Browsing page by page through the fake presentation album of the weird Roma-mia we understand that we find ourselves in a country situated at the border of two continents: the Sublime and the Ridiculous. Here they party like Dracula, sleep like the Sleeping-Beauty, and life and death are the daily menu of the Addams Family. Here people are truly part of a Shakespearean scene. Having fun is a mixture of both Balkan and Elizabethan scents. As such, the show brings together the most diverse cultural elements built upon the style the students from the OKaua Theater Company launched years ago: Rhythm & Drama.

      © Ionuț Radu