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  Luana Popa/Dumitru Dinel Teodorescu
Embodied words. Image and form in Matei Visniec’s theatrical universe
Moderator: Octavian Saiu
“Embodied words. Image and form in Matei Visniec’s theatrical universe” aims at materializing words through photography and plastic art and at presenting them to the audience in visual form, so as to draw people closer to performing arts. The exhibition is another way to talk about words, in a form that needs no other intercultural bridge or translation other than open eyes and open minds. By combining the bidimensional plan of photography with the 3D plan of the works, this project paints a universe in which words become main characters and then take the form of the creator. The elements of this exhibition (works, photos) tell their own story and, in turn, create a new story through the interaction between themselves, between them and the spectator, inviting people to discover each and every single text underlying this artistic effort. “To me, words are the building stones of human beings.” (Matei Vișniec)
Vernisaj 16 iunie, ora 15:30

      © Luana Popa