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  Asociația Artextract & Teatrul de Comedie
Text by: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt
Directed by: Marcel Țop
Scenography: Anca Cernea
Translation: Edith Negulici
Costume: Teodora Burz
Photograph: Oana Monica Nae
Cast: Maia Morgenstern, Marius Bodochi
Is the feeling of love triggered by a chemical process or is it simply an inexplicable miracle of the spirit? Former lovers Adam and Louise live at thousands of kilometres from each other, as he is in Paris and she is in Montreal. The two keep in touch by e-mail, discussing their common past, the scars that are still sore, the moments of joy, as well as their new relationships. The thing that brings them close for a second time is friendship, built on joint consent and accompanied by a challenge: could they revive their love talking about love? In this play, Eric-Emmanual Schmitt, a thorough and lucid observer of the whims of the heart, paints the dangerous path of a love connection typical for the present with fine, surprising touches. ‘In the case of “The Elixir of Love, I was especially interested in the difference between desire and feeling. I believe that, when it comes to love, the problem is that we use the same word to define two distinct territories: lust and feeling. Our greatest stories, not always happy, are born at the border between these two, when we try to reconcile physical attraction and love.’
Eric Emmanuel SCHMITT
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English.

      © O.M.