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  Teatrul „Matei Vișniec” Suceava
Text by: Bobi Dumitraș, Bobo Burlăcianu
Directed by: Bobo Burlăcianu
Cast - Cats: Horia Butnaru (Patronul Blănaru, Motanul călător Andrei), Cristina Florea (Cristina din cuplul Mihai și Cristina, Șoferița nesimțită Mariana, Monica fantomâța), Cătălin Ștefan Mîndru (Dumnezeu, Rachetul Alioșa), Cosmin Panaite (Câinele Vasile, Mihai din Cuplul Mihai și Cristina, Supereroul), Clara Popadiuc (Baba de la 2 – Prodanca, Adolescenta Cami)
Ilustrations: Ana Țăranu
“CATS” is a production by “Matei Vișniec” Theatre in Suceava, a concert-performance created by Bobo Burlăcianu and Bobi Dumitraș.
A parodic alternative to „Cats”. A musical play in which some cats tell their stories. It all started with a , then God Cat created a world dominated by cats. Since there were no humans, cats took their place, and their problems too. An old lady obsessed with pickles, a furniture factory owner with politician ambitions, a naïve rachet, a dog reincarnated into a cat, a couple with marriage trouble, and other feline characters take turns to sing their troubles and joys, as their stories interweave into a single fabric. “CATS” – a concert-performance designed by the band Fără Zahăr.
Special effects: fog

      © Amedeia Vițega