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Beggar s Drama
Directed by: Mohamed Sayed Abdelalem
Cast: Moustafa Gharib Abdalla, Mohamed Nasser el Sayed, Donia Samy Mohamed, Rana Ehab Abdelmoez, Mahmoud Abdelrazik Sayed, Abdelrahman Mostafa Abdeldayem, Karim Samy Mohamed
Set: Ahmed Hosny Akry
Lighting operator: Ahmmed Moustafa Mohammed Kashk
Sound: Ahmed Elsayed Mohammed
Head of delegation: Abeer Fawzy Zaki
Supervisor: Ingy Mohamed Ibrahim Elbastawy
Beggar's Drama is a contemporary theatre show belonging to Realism. The director discusses the suffering of the lower class. The struggle of those belonging to that class with each other in the absence of the government that's busy with the higher class is a comedy which takes place in an abandoned theatre. Two homeless people decide to get in, but they discover that two beggars already live there. The struggle starts after a thief breaks in the theatre while is trying to run away from the police, but the officer gets into the theatre. He tries to recognize the thief, but he just can’t do this as lord, a former actor claims they are just a theatre group doing their daily exercises. The officer starts to fit into the group and participate in their exercises. Then, everybody agrees with Jack the beggar to stay in the theatre for the night until the officer is gone, but Jack suspects that Victoria, “the one who loves”, is trying to run away with the lord because he saw the two of them dancing together. Jack gets angry and tries to kill the lord and the officer steps in.
Performance in Arabic, with translation into Romanian and English.

Performace is canceled.

      © Hossam Hafez