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Baby with the Bathwater
Text by: Christopher Durang
/Directed by: Anca Maria Băcanu
Cast: Maria Gutu, Ionut Popa, Ana Bianu, Anamaria Teleleu, Sabrina Lupu, Andrei Lazar, Cristi Morosanu, Raresh Hutanu
Lights: Sebastian Cotinghi
Music: Denis Luncanita
When children are accidents, when adults don’t see their dreams come true, when our wishes are imperative for others, when compromise becomes normality, frustration arises. An 18-year-old girl and a 17-year- old boy have a child “by accident”. They are fully unprepared. Exhaustion, helplessness, panic set in. They each find a refuge: the boy lives in a world of vices, while the girl becomes addicted to Xanax. The child gets hurt by all this. Christopher Durang’s “Baby with the Bathwater” is about fear, love, and hope.

      © Vlad Catană