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  Kym Moore
Acting Outside the Box: The Actor as Co-Creator
“Acting Outside the Box: The Actor as Co-Creator” is a workshop designed to introduce actors/performers/directors/theatre-makers to physical acting techniques such as the Six Viewpoints, Jazz Aesthetics and the Lecoq method, to generate material that will serve as the “text” for the construction of an original performance to be devised in class.
Student/Participants should be prepared to participate in a series of exercises that involve movement, breath work, vocalization, improvisation, and imagination. This workshop is meant to provide actors with an experience of devising performance that relies on the actor’s ability to engage in “serious play” as the primary means of production.

An award-winning playwright, Kym Moore (director) is the co-founder and artistic director of AntiGravity Theatre Project and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University. She has taught Acting Outside the Box across the United States as well as international venues including: The Juillliard School, University of Oklahoma, The National Theater Institute/Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, The Shanghai Theater Academy, The Belgrade Theater Youth Festival in Coventry, England.

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