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  Miguel Gigosos Ronda
Writing: Miguel Gigosos Ronda, Iris
Music composer: Frederika Alesina
Light design: Vincent Guillet
With: Miguel Gigosos Ronda
“Möbius” is an atypical juggling solo full of boisterous emotions.
With a beautiful aesthetic simplicity, we are driven by the internal adventures of the character. We will discover how a practically empty stage can turn upside down. With dozens of balls of intense pink, a human being writhes in every way and sets new codes to his discipline. A way to create a language. Body knots, contortions and surprises. Unexpected behaviour, unexpected juggling. He leads us through his imaginary labyrinth. Here is the story of a way of living life. That plays on the border between madness and perfectionism. That goes from enthusiasm to anger and from impotence to joy. Here is the testimony of a way of approaching things when they do not happen as planned.
Here is short wick dynamite in action.
At any moment something may happen...
It seems that everything is possible!
Co-producers: Archaos -Pôle National Des Arts Du Cirque Méditerranée; La Maison des Jongalges - Scène conventionée La Courneuve; La Cascade - Pôle national des arts du cirque Auvergne - Rhône- Alpes; Mala Performerska Scena - Festival Novog Cirkusa - Zagreb - Croatia; Shamspectacles - Pôle Cirque et Arts de la Rue
Residences: La Grainerie - Fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance, La Central del Circ, CIAM - centre d’intiatives artistique du Mirail, Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau, Bastid’Art, Nocte - Graus, Casa de las Artes - Ayuntamiento de Laguna de Duero, Central del Circ - Barcelona, LAVA - Laboratorio de las artes de Valladolid, Kulturni centar Travno - Zagreb, Escuela de Circo de Valladolid
With the support of: Le Lido - Centre des Arts du Cirque de Toulous

      © Martela Molucas