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  Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana / Ljubljana City Theatre / Cankarjev dom: Cultural and Congress Centre
The Iliad
By: Homer
Directed by: Jernej Lorenci
Adaptation: Jernej Lorenci, Matic Starina, Eva Mahkovic
Dramaturgs: Eva Mahkovic, Matic Starina
Set Designer: Branko Hojnik
Costume Designer: Belinda Radulović
Composer: Branko Rožman
Choreographer: Gregor Luštek
Language Consultant: Tatjana Stanič
Lighting Designer: Pascal Mérat
Assistant to Composer: Zvezdana Novaković
Cast: Jure Henigman, Nina Ivanišin, Aljaž Jovanović, Gregor Luštek, Marko Mandić, Zvezdana Novaković, Jette Ostan Vejrup, Tina Potočnik, Matej Puc, Blaž Setnikar, Janez Škof, Jernej Šugman
The Iliad is a stage construction of Homer’s epic. Rather than trying to create a visual masterpiece, the director and the artistic team chose to work with a relatively small number of actors (12), with an emphasis on the spoken word, narration, rhythm of the dactylic hexameter, and sound imagery, accompanying the narrative. The performance is in two parts: in the first, the adaptation closely follows the original Homer’s narrative, slowly unravelling the three worlds of the Iliad: the Greeks, the Trojans and the Gods. In the second part, the performance pictures the great slaughterhouse that is the Trojan war: all battles become one, all victims become a universal victim. The cast is a selection of the best Slovenian actors from the Slovenian National Theatre and the Ljubljana City Theatre. The performance won two awards at the 2015 BITEF Festival in Belgrade. It has been selected for the main programme of the largest Slovenian Theatre Festival Borštnikovo srečanje 2015 in Maribor, where it won three awards. At the 23rd edition of the International Theatre Festival Kontakt 2016 in Torun, Poland, the Iliad won three awards: Grand Prix, Press Award and Best Music Award.
Performance presented in Slovenian, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.

      © Peter Uhan