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  Geschwister Weisheit - High wire Troupe
Giant Sway Pole
Directed by: Peter Mario Weisheit
Technical leader: André Weisheit
Choreography by: Natalia Weisheit
Sound, Light, Announcement: Jasmin Weisheit
Performance by: André Weisheit, Peter Mario Weisheit, Alexander Weisheit, Steve Weisheit, Max Rudolf Weisheit, Heike Weisheit, Doreen Weisheit, Natalia Weisheit, Susanne Weisheit, Johanna Weisheit, Friedrich Lorenz Weisheit, Charly Weisheit, Lenny Heinz Weisheit
High wire troupe Geschwister Weisheit, Europe’s greatest high wire show - working with 13 acrobats of 3 generations on swaying poles and ropes. Award winners of the 35th international circus festival of Monte Carlo!

The show is made of different parts that can be performed separately:
1. classical high wire show at a height of 12 meters with bicycles, pyramids, stilt walk etc.
2. humorously, historical rope show with barrel-organ and loudhailer at a height of 4 meters, showing how everything started over 117 years ago, crossing the rope with a velocipede, cooking pancakes on the wire, standing on a wooden chair, “human pyramid”.
3. Giant sway pole show at 62 meters with trumpet solo freestanding on the top of the pole, handstand, living flag etc.
4. Motorbike sensation show on the new-world-uniqueness start tower with 10 acrobats and 3 motorcycles on 3 ropes tightened next to each other with a speed between 50 and 70 km/h up to a height of 40 meters, with motocross (riding the bike only on the back wheel), teeth power acrobatic, thrilled balances, big motorbike pyramid - and many other surprises!

      © Geschwister Weisheit, high wire troupe