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  Cie. Roland Zee
Zee - A Visual Comedy Act
Created and performed by: Roland Zwicker
Zee: A voyager, a character compelled by pure emotion and laughter. An explorer, curious and clumsy, comic yet moving, in constant observation and imbued with deep humanity, he unveils the flames of childhood wonder in everyone. At once mime and modern clown, he magnifies these small nothings and turns them into small everythings. He awakens the sensitivity of all, young and old, spectators or passers-by, and combines the simple with the spectacular. The city for him is a constant source of novelty. Mechanisms that govern the actions and behaviours of human beings escape him completely as he blends into the crowd through mimicry. The simplest Earthly logic does not correlate with that of the Clown Planet from which he originates. However, this does not prove a disadvantage, for he tirelessly explores objects, shapes and beings with an awkward and innocent curiosity. He does not pose existential questions, though in spite of himself, he may trigger them among others. He does not understand complex feelings such as love, of which he becomes the object. Yet he senses the affection, is charmed by it, and soon becomes the charmer himself.

      © Cie. Roland Zee