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  Edo Marionette Theatre YOUKIZA
Wild Duck Addiction
An Asian collaboration of Magosaburo Yuki XII and the YOUKIZA marionettes with the Vietnam Youth Theatre actors
After: Henrik Ibsen
Direction and adaptation by: Yoji Sakate
Puppet art and Costume design: Takayuki Terakado
Music, live performance: Keisuke Ohta
Stage art: Jiro Shima
Lights: Shigeo Saito
Sound: Takeshi Shima
Stage manager: Norihiko Morishita
Staff from the Vietnam Youth Theatre: Dang Minh Tuan (stage plan and stage manager), Do Duc Quang (lights), Nguyen Anh Tuan (sound)
Translation: Nguyen Duong Do Quyen
English subtitles: Mari Boyd
Assistant director: Mami Yamada
Cast: Magosaburo Yuki XII (Company Head), Chie Yuki, Ikuko Yuki, Kazuma Yuki, Izuna Oka, Kei Shibata, Toyo Mano, Yuki Tanaka, Aki Yumoto, Ayaka Sato (Youkiza Puppeteers); Le Khanh, Nguyen Thanh Binh (the Vietnam Youth Theatre)
The Edo Marionette Theatre YOUKIZA presents a collaboration with the Vietnam Youth Theatre for an intercultural performer-puppet production.
In “Wild Duck Addiction” a funeral procession carries a coffin of Hedvig, a daughter who killed herself. It is wandering in a forest in search for a burial site. The story is traced by the members of the procession, looking back on the “events which lead to the death of the injured creature”; wild creatures, dying by human tyranny such as lead poisoning and hunting, while living in nature, and human beings with some kind of damages are contrasted.
Hedvig is a daughter of Hjalmar, a photographer, and his wife Gina. Hjalmar’s father was imprisoned and went down, after he was betrayed by wealthy merchant Werle, who had once been his partner. Gregers, a son of Werle, came home after a fifteen years’ absence to attend a party given by his father. Knowing the secrets about the Ekdals’ past, Gregers unveils the hidden relationship between the two families, while his justice calls for “claim of the ideal”.
Performance presented in Japanese and Vietnamese, with translation into Romanian and English.
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12.
Special effects: Gunshot sounds
Co-production: Vietnam Youth Theatre

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